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Reflections On IPD And Site Progress

Reflections on IPD and Site Progress

Having all the mechanical parties heavily involved in the design from the get go means there really isn’t much need for little old me out in the trenches. Sure, I can take a trip out to site, snap some pics for our records, and scrawl up a glowing construction report, but at the end of the day I could just as easily have taken a spin through the 3-D model.

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How 2-Second Lean Is Changing Site Culture

How 2-Second Lean is Changing Site Culture

Many people have started to hear the term “2-second Lean”; some have gone one-step further and tried to see how it works with a construction team. Here at Chandos construction, working side by side with Dennis Cuku of Oil Country Engineering, we have been implementing a change in mentality and culture on the construction site. There are many different ways and stages to implement this change; the simplest of them, one that everyone can do, is the 2-second Lean Win.

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Cued Up For Chaos & Transition To A New Phase

Cued Up for Chaos & Transition to a New Phase

We’ve entered into the next phase of the process—how exciting and scary, all at the same time! We went from figuring out HOW to do the work to actually DOING the work, which means our group will be even busier over the next few months! Just as things are getting cued up for chaos, I will be stepping back from the working group and into a whole new world of chaos … motherhood!

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