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Our Vision

A Better Way… By Design

We created this website to tell the story of the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce, and the way its transformation from vision to reality is disrupting status quo on many fronts.

What started out as an intention to create the ideal workplace for the Mosaic Family of Companies to expand into, has evolved into a grass roots movement—a complete re-envisioning of the way commercial construction is done and a design rethink of the spaces people work in. This website tells the story of the Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce, and how its transformation from Vision to reality is disrupting status quo.

We know that if we are to inspire change in the conventional wisdom on workplace design and construction, we have to build a space that is SUSTAINABLE, BEAUTIFUL and AFFORDABLE. The skeptics say it can’t be done – that you can’t meet all three objectives without sacrificing somewhere. We believe otherwise; we believe that the solution lies in changing the “HOW”; it is about changing old ways of executing design and construction. The keys to success are to:

1. Get the right people

2. Define a common vision

3. Contractually align financial interests of the entire team with the vision and values of the project

Together, aligned on a common vision, in the spirit of collaboration, we are stepping out to prove that there is A BETTER WAY … BY DESIGN.

Our team agreed: not only does the Mosaic Centre need to meet the three objectives (beauty, sustainability, affordability), but it also needs to inspire a paradigm shift in workplace design and construction—the project’s ultimate success hinges on achieving this shift and inspiring change. And so we committed to share our work and tell the story. All of it. The best practices AND the lessons learned, in hopes that others will feel inspired and educated enough to step out and try something a little crazy themselves.

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